Thursday, October 9, 2014

Call for help!


I saw one of my Facebook friends post something today that really resonated with me. She and her husband are looking to raise money to cover the cost of some additional testing she is in need of for her recent, and 4th diagnosis of Hodgkin's Lymphoma. As a Hodgkin's Lymphoma survivor, my heart sank. I don't personally know Cayci- I met her via Facebook through the young adult cancer survivor community. Although I don't know her on a personal level, I still feel that connection that other cancer survivors feel. We can relate. I saw her post for her GoFundMe profile, and I immediately donated. I may not be able to donate anything substantial, but every penny counts. This brings me back to the day when I received my grant from The SAMFund to cover things like my residual medical bills (among many other things). Just the relief in that financial help was life-changing and helped me out more then anyone could ever know. I want to help give that same sense of relief to Cayci. I just wanted to quickly share Cayci's link- if you are in any position to donate- whether it be big or small- please consider. She didn't ask me to post this-- I just felt compelled to help out in any way that I possibly could. She is one of the sweetest, most caring people I've ever met. A cancer diagnosis is not fair- and especially when you find out it has come back for a fourth time. She has still remained so extremely positive, so let's help Cayci meet her goal so that she can see the specialist at the end of the month. Let's also send out some positive thoughts her way because she starts chemo this coming Monday. xo

To donate, click here.


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