Monday, September 1, 2014

7 Years.

Today is my 7 year cancerversary. 7 years ago, today, was the first time I called myself cancer-free. Each year I've celebrated, and I look forward to adding more years onto this as my chance of recurrence lowers each year that I remain cancer-free. Back when I was diagnosed, I thought my life was ending. If someone told me that I'd have what I have now, I wouldn't believe them.

Since my treatment ended, I've gone for many post-treatment follow ups and scans, and I've dreaded each one of them--- I always assumed my cancer would come back- I wasn't used to my body working how it should have been, it had let me down. This is the FIRST time that I'm not scared. When I found out I was pregnant last October, the fear melted away. I never really told anyone I wanted kids because I assumed that when the time came that I decided I did, my body probably wouldn't work like it should. I am not a pessimist, but I was used to things not working out so great, health-wise, so I guess in that regard, I kind of am? or was? Anyway, when I found out I was pregnant, that was the greatest day. Finally, something was going right! Chris & I had wanted kids, but hadn't really been trying-- and then to find out we were expecting twins- how amazing! Twins don't really run in mine or Chris's families, so I knew it was a sign, that we were doubly blessed. From that moment on I stopped worrying. I realized quickly that the universe was taking care of me. I continued to have an amazingly healthy pregnancy- of course, all the symptoms :) But I didn't experience one complication, or hiccup due to being high-risk-- and I wasn't high-risk because of my cancer history, I was high-risk because I was carrying multiples. Finally, cancer left the picture. It didn't matter. I enjoyed every minute of being pregnant. I was so extremely blessed to have a healthy pregnancy, and carry my twin girls to exactly 37 weeks, delivering them naturally. I am so thankful every single day for them, that they're healthy, and that my little family is now complete. These girls took all the worry out of my life--- I haven't thought about my cancer coming back once since I found out I was having them. I know that my purpose in life is to be their momma, and I know that as cheesy as this sounds--- that it was my turn to have things work out, health-wise. My body made up for it, and I am so incredibly thankful. Today, on my 7 year cancerversary, I am not worried one bit. Instead, I am the happiest that I've ever been in my life, and so thankful for my beautiful babies, Zoey & Abigail, and of course, my wonderful husband, Chris.

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