Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This blog entry is wayyy overdue. The past year or so has been a hectic year or so. There is a lot to update! To start, I got married! *yay* Very exciting, especially because I had been dating Chris for nearly 9 years, as of last year… Our wedding was October 2nd, 2011. It was perfect. We got married at St. Ray’s, which was really special, since I had gone to school there. We chose October because we love the fall, and we hated the idea of having to wear a tux & gown in smoldering heat… and our day turned out to be a perfect 65 degrees, and sunny I might add. I was a low-budget, non-bridezilla, and with the help of my family and friends, I had the most amazing evening without anyone going broke. I'll do a little wedding post in a bit, and share some photos from the big day ;)

Anyway- it went by so fast. It was the most amazing day, and one of the best day’s I’ve experienced as well!
Chris and I wanted to go on a honeymoon, and after a year of changing our minds on where we wanted to go, Chris surprised me one day and just booked it!! What a relief, since I couldn’t make up my mind… We left the morning after our wedding for San Francisco, at 7 am... and thankfully my sisters were so kind to drive us! When we landed we had some problems with the rental car, and then got to the hotel, and I started to feel a migraine coming on. I ended up laying in bed the whole day, I was really sick. Chris was a trooper, and scanned the streets of San Francisco for some Chicago-style pizza. He returned with some mediocre west coast pizza, but it still hit the spot. I woke up the next morning at 6 am Cali time, and Chris thought I was nuts. I felt amazing, and knew we were done with the minor honeymoon huccups. We set out on our adventure in our little Aveo (silly, you may think, but it’s my dream car!). We hit up a few spots in the city before leaving, but we were really excited to get on the coast… and it was even better than what we had imagined. Luckily, Chris drove most of the time- unfortunately, I got really car sick. The mountains are huge, no railings on the side next to the 200 foot drops- but the views were breath-taking. We spent 2 days driving, literally on the edge of the country. It was pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced! Everyone upgraded us to these gorgeous honeymoon suites, and we were very spoiled. We ended our route in Portland, and spent the rest of our honeymoon there! We explored every inch of the city, including Voodoo donuts, the many food trucks, Cannon Beach, Mt. Hood, Columbia River Gorge, Astoria, etc. Amazing. I would move out there in a heart-beat if someone offered me a job, and an Aveo. It was the best trip I’ve ever been on. I was extremely sad that we had to come home- but here we are, back in Joliet.

Chris and I have a little 2 bedroom apartment in Rockdale- a tiny town within Joliet- and it’s perfect. There is a huge park across the street, which is so pretty to look out at! It was so much fun getting settled in- and now it’s our home, and I absolutely love it. So- that is the update for Chris & I…. I have some more updates!!

I had my semi-annual check up this past February, and happy to say, I’m still cancer-free. It’s a good feeling. I had freaked out every possible moment I could up until the check-up. Everytime I go the nurses have to tell me to calm down because my pulse is out of control, although, they say that’s normal for survivors J I saw Dr. Siv, and he said everything looks good. My 5 year canceversary is coming up this September, and I will have a lot to celebrate. Dr. Siv said that after 5 years, the chances of reoccurence are so small, it makes no sense in worrying. I also am graduating to ANNUAL check-ups. That means I only have to go to my oncologist ONCE A YEAR. Amazing. I was going every 4 months, then 6, and now 12. I really feel accomplished. So, the cancer is still gone, but I did find out that my thryoid is failing.

Apparently, when you have radiation to your chest/neck, it can affect other organs and parts of your body. My radiologist did a great job of radiating (?), but she didn’t really have the best bed-side manners…. She warned me about the possibility of skin cancer, actually screamed at me when I wore a tank top one day- so I figured she’d let me know what else I have to be scared of. Nope. Never told me that my thyroid could DIE!? I was seeing every doctor you could imagine trying to get this sorted out since my numbers were always off, always fluctuating. My primary doctor finally sent me to see an endocrinologist, who specializes in the thryoid. Funny enough, she is Dr. Siv’s wife, so I knew I would LOVE her. And I do. She told me it’ll be ok, just have to take medication for the rest. Of. My. Life. Oh well, it could be worse…so I really can’t complain. Since taking the medication, I feel like a normal person again. Before I was on it, I was constantly in a “cloudy” state, extremely exhausted, it was bad. Other then then, my health has been spectacular, and I feel so blessed.

As I ramble on, I feel as though I should share the rest of my updates on another post…because this is getting way too long, and my fingers hurt! Here are some of my favorite photo from our honeymoon:

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