Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm back...

Sorry for the absence...and I hate to make excuses, but I've been very busy. Let me catch you up.....

I've been healthy!! My next check up with Dr. Siv is coming up in August. Actually, I'll have to reschedule it because I'm totally treating myself to a family vay-cay....It's fine though because I have no reservations about putting it off. I'll have the usual, blood work, PT & CT scans. Ick...but I haven't started freaking out yet. I'm sure I will due August 1st, so I'm enjoying the month of July. Also, September 1st will mark 3 years cancer-free. I can't wait. I think I'm going to throw myself a party for my cancer-versary. You're all invited.

So like I said, these past months have been pretty busy. I started a newer job, and thank goodness, I'm receiving health benefits through them. They started July 1st, and I plan to take full advantage of the health care. I still work at the salon, and I'm also working with the SAMFund, which brings me to my Boston trip.

The SAMFund was actually what inspired me to start my blog, if you remember back to my first entry, it was about the Chicago Fundraiser and social night. Ever since I received the "living grant" from the SAMFund, they have been a huge part of my life. I love to help them whenever, and I am officially a part of the SAMFund. So, back to Boston. I went there for the Alumni Leadership Committee Conference. The SAMFund has created a group of past recipients to help with the program, fundraising, network, and just about everything, (which is soo much fun). I am SO honored to be a part of the ALC. We all had the wonderful opportunity to meet in person, and we got to travel to Boston for it. I met the most amazing people ever. We had about 3 days together, which of course flew by way too fast. Friday night we all had some awesome seafood, thanks to Sam's dad. I got to know everyone, hear their stories and totally relate to them. It may sound crazy, but knowing that we had all shared a very similar experience brought us together so quickly. It was like I had known everyone for years, but really I had just met (most) of them that very day. We kept the weekend going with a few conference meetings, some fabulous food, and a little bit of site-seeing. When Sunday rolled around we had a brunch at Michelle, (the SAMFund Program Director, and honorary cancer survivor)'s home. It was so yum. But we knew that it was almost time to say goodbye. It felt like the night after the Chicago Fundraiser, when I had to say bye to Sam. It's not easy to say bye to someone who is that amazing, and I was dreading that farewell to the ALC ladies. After brunch, Sam and her husband dropped us off on Newberry Street, or as we liked to call it, "Newbarrrrry Street". Hailey, Amelia, Melanie and I got to hang for a couple last hours. We all sat and had a drink in the sun. I kept looking at the time and knew it was time to leave. Amelia and I had flights around the same time, so we caught a cab. We sat in the airport for a bit exchanging stories. Amelia is my cancer-twin, she is also a survivor of Hodgkin's Lymphoma, so we really had a lot in common. I basically waited til the last minute to board, not wanting to say goodbye. I boarded the plane and couldn't even relax because I was still in awe from the weekend. In that short weekend, I built strong bonds with the most amazing people, my cancer sisters. We all can't wait til we're in the same state again. I forgot to mention we're from all over the country: Tennessee, Illinois, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, & California. Hopefully I'll get to see them very soon, maybe at a fundraiser (which I hope to see you all at).

So, other than that amazing trip, my life has been pretty amazing. I'm back to blogging, and will have some more updates at a faster pace (hopefully). Can't wait. Have a good night...


Correction, I'm forgetting something HUGE. I got engaged. Chris asked me to marry him on April 23rd in Milwaukee. He is the BEST guy in the world, and I'm the luckiest. Of course I said yes....after making him swear it was real. (I didn't believe him at first). He's always surprising me like that...but after dating for 8 years we are finally ready for that big day. I couldn't be any happier, and I am so blessed to be able to share my life with Chris, who has always been there for me and has shown me what true love is. Love you Chris.

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