Monday, December 31, 2012

Thank you.

There are not really words that can express how thankful I am for the donations made to my fundraising campaign. I had planned on raising 1K in 31 days, and have already nearly raised 3K in just a few days with your generous donations. I will keep this post short, but I wanted to quickly share a letter that I received from a 2011 grant recipient. She wrote me this thank you letter because of another online fundraising campaign that I did in the past. When I opened this letter it reminded me of the thank you letter that I wrote to Sam & Michelle when I received my grant. It's hard to put in words the gratitude you feel, but I think that this letter beautifully displays it.

Dear Kate,
My name is (I will leave this anonymous), and I was a 2011 SAMFund grant recipient. The grant I received paid my health insurance premiums for five months. I really want to thank you for all of the work you did raising funds for The Grand Plan, because your efforts directly helped me in such a meaningful way- because of The SAMFund grant I received, I was able to essentially buy myself time to qualify soon for better insurance coverage. SAMFund was essential in helping me bridge this gap, and, true to its mission statement, in helping me move forward. I am so grateful to The SAMFund and to you individually for being there and being an invaluable resource for young adults, like me, dealing with the long-term financial toll of cancer.

Again, thank you, so much. 
All the best.


Today is the last to to donate. Thank you all again for being so supportive of something that means so much to me. If you wish to make a donation or see my campaign page, you can view that here.

Have a safe and wonderful New Year.


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